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Recently my best friend and partner in life received an amazing opportunity; she was asked to speak at the GoogleNext’18 conference in San Francisco. So of course, I had to tag along and experience this event as well.

When we first arrived, we checked into the event, acquired our name tags ,then C went to practice with her other panel members while I did some drawings. Overall we we’re there to get a feel for the area, and ready for the next day.

This event was unbelievable. Most conferences I’ve been to have been academic base and on University campus’. I’ve never been to an event this big.

We started our first day with the Keynote talk, which showing current uses of the Google Cloud Platform and what’s new. Already I was having ideas of how I can use these tools in both my professional and personal projects. That set the stage for the entire experience.

I was able to attend several talks which ranged from using Google’s tools to make University Campus’ more accessible, to large modularized multiplayer servers, to how companies can use machine learning to hire the best talent.

When I wasn’t attending the talks, I was on the show floor seeing what new things were being done with the technology. I saw how Atlassian was streamlining development environments using Google integration; how Lucidchart was becoming more powerful by using cloud technologies; how Edmonton schools are embracing technology as a learning tool; how Unity is integrating with servers like Google Maps to deliver all new experiences; and how GitHub can employ a wide range of online apps, that integrate with the cloud, to create better tools for code management(Thank you to the person that showed me ProBot, already a huge fan).

I’ve come out of this experience with a massive amount of knowledge and ideas. In the coming weeks I would like to implement many of the things I’ve learned, and hopefully talk about them on this site.

Finally, how did C do? Amazing of course! I’ve included the video

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