About Mark

I’m a research developer with a passion for solving problems, computer graphics, and the visual arts.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve been programming. Initially I worked with qBasic and C applications. In high school my focus changed to C++ applications, and I did self directed courses in 3D modeling using 3D Studio Max. During University I learned how to program in Java, Risc Assembly, and Lisp.

I am passionate about graphics and have been developing various 3D graphics applications using WebGL or OpenGL. My current work involves educational game development, enterprise level management applications, and gamification systems for post secondary classes. Some of my current work can be found at the University of Alberta’s Arts Resource Centre. Not only have I had the chance to work on some great projects, but I’ve even been given several opportunities to travel and provide lectures on some of this fantastic work we’ve been doing.

When I’m not developing, I’m am passionate about art. The only thing I’ve been doing longer than programming has been drawing and painting. Focusing on something less analytical and more abstract has taught me how to think creatively; not only with my art but with all problems. My art usually focuses on portraits, surreal and fantasy; but, I always find it rewarding when I work on something completely outside my comfort level.

Over the years I have developed quite a bit of skills. I plan to use this website as an outlet to showcase the work I’ve been doing, plans for the future, and maybe a few thoughts in general.


Bachelor in Computing Science – 2009